Parents, Beware Potential Highchair-Related Injuries

A recent study indicates that parents all over the nation need to take highchair-related safety concerns very, very seriously. Many highchairs are classified as defective household products and are recalled due to a myriad of problems. But even those highchairs and booster seats that are not explicitly recalled may pose a serious hazard to your toddler if they are not utilized properly and under strict supervision.

The study was compiled by professionals at the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio’s Center for Injury Research and Policy. They have concluded that too many parents view highchairs and booster seats as safe products. Specifically, parents believe that these products are safe enough that they can leave their toddlers unattended for short periods of time while seated within them without risking harm. Unfortunately, this belief is simply not grounded in reality.

According to the recent study, approximately one child per hour that passes requires emergency treatment for highchair-related injuries in the U.S. The director of the Center that conducted the study recently explained that, “High chairs are typically used in kitchens and dining areas, so when a child falls from the elevated height of the high chair, he is often falling head first onto a hard surface such as tile or wood flooring with considerable force. This can lead to serious injuries.”

Please, do not take the seemingly safe nature of highchairs for granted. These products are only safe when used while strictly supervised. Please also regularly check governmental websites for evidence that your toddler’s highchair has been recalled. This kind of attention and effort may help to spare your child injury.

Source: Growing Your Baby, “One Child an Hour Treated for Highchair Related Injuries in the U.S.,” Cathy, Dec. 9, 2013