Fentanyl is a narcotic medication intended to treat severe pain, especially for those patients who do not respond to other pain medications. Unfortunately, there have been cases of severe injury or death caused by adverse side effects or overdoses of Fentanyl Patches.

Fentanyl has several different brand names including Actiq, Duragesic, Fentora and Sublimaze. The drug is available as a pill, lozenge, skin or transdermal patch, oral film, or as an intravenous or IV drug. Fentanyl is approximately 100 times stronger than morphine.

Most adverse effects have been associated with the Fentanyl or Duragesic skin patch, due to variations in how the drug is absorbed into the body’s system through the skin. Doctors sometimes make mistakes in prescribing the Fentanyl patch, resulting in too much of the drug being absorbed too quickly, causing an overdose or even death.

The most common side effects of Fentanyl are shallow and slow breathing, sudden drops in blood pressure, vomiting, sleepiness, confusion and seizures. Some patients have suffered overdoses of Fentanyl due to leaking, defective patches. Others have accidently overdosed on the drug.

First recalled in 2005, Fentanyl has been named in multiple lawsuits nationwide regarding defective patches or accidental overdoses. If you or a loved one has suffered severe injury or death as a result of a faulty prescription or defective Fentanyl patch, contact an experienced personal injury or product liability attorney immediately. You may be entitled to compensation for physical injuries, wrongful death or suffering associated with the faulty drug.

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