Recalled household products cause countless injuries to consumers, yet the products often remain in homes. The Consumer Product Safety Commission urges consumers to keep up to date on product recalls and immediately remove such  defective products from their homes. Unfortunately, fewer than 10 percent of recalled products in American homes are returned or repaired.

Recently, a woman was killed after using a defective inflatable pool slide sold at Walmart and Toys ‘R’ Us. Two other people were severely injured usin g the same product. This product has now been recalled.

Another example is the recall of 200,000 furnaces that posed a risk of starting fires. Although it appears on its face an important recall, over 90 percent of reported incidents occurred after the recall. Such injuries provide a clear example of why consumers should get recalled products out of their homes as soon as possible.

Consumers Not Always Aware of Recalls

Consumers, however, are not always to blame for failing to return recalled products. The government, retailers and manufacturers need to improve their communication of recalls and dangerous products to the public.

The following list – with was recently compiled by Time Magazine – are examples of recently recalled products that you may have in your home right now:

  • Drop side cribs by multiple manufactures that can trap or strangle babies
  • Magnetix building sets that have caused death and injuries to children
  • LG Dehumidifiers that contribute to fires
  • Bumbo baby seats that may cause babies to fall
  • Maytag dishwashers that may cause fires
  • Toy dart guns from the Family Dollar Store that may cause asphyxiation

These products are widely used, and some have been purchased in the millions. Consumers often receive replacements, free repairs or rebates when returning recalled products.

The  Consumer Products Safety Commission has also provided a list of recalls that affect summer activities including playground equipment, ceiling fans, grills, grass trimmers, tricycles and pool accessories. The CPSC provides important recall information on its website for all consumers.

Consumers who have been injured by a recalled or defective product may consider contacting a personal injury attorney in the area who can assist in obtaining compensation for any injury-related losses.

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