Parents want to keep their children safe. So it comes as no surprise that when something that is meant to keep our children safe is actually posing a risk of harm, there is outrage and action – such is the case with drop-side cribs.

Drop-side cribs have been a favorite due to the ease for which they allow parents to place and remove a baby from the crib. The danger to infants is created when the hardware that holds the drop-side in place fails and creates gaps or the side drops all the way down.

Since 2000, at least 32 infants have died from suffocation, strangulation and falls associated with drop-side cribs, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Millions of drop-side cribs have been recalled as a reaction to the deaths, and, now, the sale of these dangerous products has been banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Beginning in June 2011 drop-side cribs will no longer be available for sale. Instead, parents in the market for a crib will need to purchase a crib with stationary sides.

A second aspect of the new rule mandates that daycare centers and hotels replace all cribs that feature drop-sides. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the CPSC estimates that the new rule will cost daycares and hotels approximately $387 million to replace existing cribs and come into compliance. Child-care groups contest the CPSC estimate and state that the actual cost of compliance will be closer to $600 million.

If your child has suffered an injury as a result of a faulty drop-side crib, speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your legal options.

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