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Purchasing a handgun and receiving a permit to own or carry it does prevent accidents from occurring. A gun owner is responsible for properly handling and storing the firearm. Tragedy can result in the blink of an eye when a gun misfires or is discharged by someone impaired by drugs or alcohol.

At The Law Offices of Brian Timothy Meyers, we represent victims and their families when an accidental or negligent shooting resulted in serious, life-changing injuries or death.

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Kansas City Handgun Discharge Accident Lawyers

A gun in the hands of a drunk individual is a recipe for disaster. An evening of enjoyment at a party can turn deadly when someone fires a gun into the air, a common practice for some on New Year’s Eve. Sadly, when that bullet comes down, one innocent bystander in a large crowd can be injured or killed.

Overland Park Gun Misfire Injury Lawyer

A curious child finding a gun lying on a dresser or in an unlocked cabinet can have deadly consequences. Not understanding the power of the gun or the damage it can do, the child may pull the trigger, injuring themselves or killing a friend. Even the act of cleaning a gun without proper preparation can lead to a bullet discharging accidentally.

In accidental gun discharge cases, injured and grieving clients come to us for help in holding the responsible party accountable. While challenging and charged with personal issues, we get to the facts in securing justice and maximizing compensation.

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