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Kansas City Defective Seat Belt Injury Attorneys

There are many features of automobiles that are designed to protect drivers in the event of an accident such as seat belts and air bags. When these safety features fail, many car accidents can lead to catastrophic, or even fatal, injuries.

The experienced Kansas City defective seat belt injury lawyers at The Law Offices of Brian Timothy Meyers have extensive experience guiding clients through a wide variety of personal injury cases. Once we accept a case, we will immediately work with trusted industry experts, including accident reconstructionists to ensure we have the most detailed picture of what possibly happened in your accident. We will investigate the scene of the accident, interview witnesses and examine the police report while developing your case strategy.

Trust Our Seat Belt Failure Lawyers in Kansas City, Missouri 

With any sudden change in speed or direction of a vehicle, a seat belt is designed to lock in position and prevent a driver from being smashed against the dashboard or ejected through the windshield. You’ve undoubtedly felt this happen any time you’ve been forced to make a sudden stop. When this mechanism or the belt itself is defective, drivers and passengers run the risk of serious injuries.

Trust our firm to thoroughly examine every aspect of your accident and the potentially defective mechanisms that could have prevented injury. We will diligently fight to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

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