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Despite safety regulations and protections, industrial work environments can be dangerous. When employees must handle or interact with chemicals or other processes requiring extremely high temperatures, the risk of a serious burn injury at work increases.

At The Law Offices of Brian Timothy Meyers in Kansas City, we have been representing burn victims for over 30 years. Our Kansas City burn accident lawyers are committed to obtaining the maximum compensation for damages for individuals and families devastated by the negligence of others. Contact our law firm or call us at 816.318.7174 to learn more.

Missouri Workplace Burns Lawyer

Workplace burns can happen in many different industries and in many different jobs. Our experienced law firm can help you with all types of workplace burns, including:

  • Chemical burns: These burns can be the result of a worker coming into contact with caustic chemicals which can be found in many substances, including cleaning products, battery fluid, drain cleaners, lime and fireworks.
  • Electrical burns: Whether the electrical burn is the result of contact with high voltage wires, power lines, electrical outlets, cords, or appliances, our skilled attorneys can help.
  • Gas burns: When a gas leak comes into contact with an ignition source, the result is a gas explosion that can cause serious thermal burn injuries.

Burn injuries are known to be extremely painful and leave severe physical scars. Treatment may involve multiple surgeries, skin grafting, and can be complicated when there is tissue damage or fluid loss.

If you are an injured worker or your loved was seriously burned in an accident at work, we can help. To speak with one of our skilled and dedicated lawyers, contact our Kansas City workplace burn injury law firm or call us toll free at 816.318.7174.

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