From Phones to Washing Machines – Samsung Products Causing Personal Injuries

A four-year-old in Georgia was helping his mom pull laundry from the dryer when they heard a loud “boom” and then saw the resulting damage. Another woman believed something had crashed into her roof. In another case of exploding Samsung washing machines, metal shards flew into the hallway and tore large gashes into the wall. Many laundry rooms have been left flooded, and in one case, the entire house shook.

The culprit behind all this carnage was another Samsung product that exploded while in use. This time, it wasn’t the smartphones to blame, but another common household item – Samsung washing machines.

The Samsung Exploding Washers

In the Samsung phones, the cause of the fire and issues was the result of chemical reactions in the lithium ion batteries. However, with the washing machines, the reason for the issue is completely different. According to a recent class action lawsuit filed, the tubs in these machines would vibrate violently when heavy loads were being washed. This resulted in the tub becoming unfastened, which resulted in a centrifugal explosion that destroyed the machine, as well as anything nearby.
According to this lawsuit, Samsung has known about this issue for quite a few years but didn’t provide any type of warning to consumers. The plaintiffs (described above) were women from Georgia, Indiana, and Texas, who demanded (among other things) that a safety warning be issued about the washing machine in question right away.

Creating a Cause for Concern

It was almost a month after the lawsuit had been filed before the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a statement stating that there were “safety issues” with the certain model of Samsung washers. The washers affected were certain models of top-loading washers that were made between the dates of March of 2011 and April of 2016. There were no specifications regarding the particular models that were dangerous, but the lawsuit stated there were at least 11 different ones.

The Next Nail in Samsung’s Coffin

The fact is, you hear about defective products all the time. But, for Samsung, this was a particularly difficult blow since they just had to recall the latest smartphone they released. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was reported to explode in users’ pockets, and while in their vehicles and in airplanes.

While Samsung states that they believe these washing machine issues to be rare occurrences, the information in the lawsuit paints a pretty different picture.

Do You Have a Samsung Washer?

If you own a Samsung washing machine, it may be wise to do a bit of research to determine if your model is one of the troublesome ones. Also, if you do experience any issues, explosions, or other concerns, you may be able to file your own lawsuit to recover damages.

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