There is no question that cases filed against hospitals and doctors are challenging at best. There are a number of hurdles that must be cleared to succeed with any type of medical malpractice litigation. A major hurdle in these cases is the statute of limitations, which is the amount of time a person has to bring forward a claim against a health care provider. In most cases, the statute of limitations is shorter in medical malpractice cases than in other personal injury situations.

Missouri Medical Malpractice Statute of Limitations

According to the law in most of Missouri, medical malpractice cases are only able to be filed two years after the negligent act has taken place. In contrast, a general personal injury case in the state of Missouri, such as car accidents, provide up to five years for a personal injury lawsuit to be filed.

The state of Kansas has a two-year statute, and in some cases, the deadline can be extended, but this is not always possible so you should not count on it.

What Does this Mean?

This means that if you believe you may have a case against a nursing home, hospital, or doctor, you need to contact a personal injury attorney in Kansas City immediately. The longer you wait, the less time the attorney has to collect records, review the facts of the case, and obtain expert witness testimonies. All of this can take quite a bit of time to handle.

A difficult situation that anyone has to face is that they can no longer file a lawsuit after they are suffering from injuries and significant medical bills. This can be quite frustrating but once the statute of limitations has expired, there is no course of action to take.

Call the Law Offices of Brian Timothy Meyers for Help

The legal team at the Law Offices of Brian Timothy Meyers have successfully represented many medical malpractice cases in the past. In a recent medical malpractice case, the legal team secured a settlement of $3.3 million for a woman who suffered lasting spinal damage after surgery. In another case involving medical malpractice, Attorney Brian Meyers helped a woman secure a $750,000 settlement after her bile duct became blocked and she developed jaundice after undergoing gallbladder surgery.

If you have suffered an injury or another issue due to the negligence or fault of someone in the medical field, you need to contact the legal team at The Law Offices of Brian Timothy Meyer today. They can help you secure the compensation you need for the injuries you suffered.


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