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You guys rock!!!!! Thanks seems like such a small word for all that you have done. I can't tell you how much this means to me. You do such a thorough job but you do it with such compassion, determination, perseverance and even fun 🙂 I feel like I can now start my life, make mom's much easier and finally figure out a plan. I have to admit, I will miss our daily chats and I seriously would like to take you to lunch or dinner. I know this was a very hard case and I appreciate all that you did to take care of my best interests.


Medical Malpractice Victim,

I referred a wrongful death case to Brian in the early 1990s. Eight other lawyers had turned the case down. Brian took the case, worked it, and it went to trial for two weeks. The jury awarded $1,000,000.00. Over the years, I've referred a number of injury cases to Brian. The bottom line: Brian's clients are always satisfied with their recovery.

Don Peterson, Attorney

Kansas City, MO,

After reading about a medical malpractice verdict that Brian Timothy Meyers won for a client, I contacted him to refer a difficult medical malpractice case. The client was happy with the result. Since then, I have referred difficult cases to Brian's firm over the years and the results have been outstanding.

Leonard L. Meyer, Attorney

Independence, MO,

I had an accident when a tractor trailer struck me when he ran a red light. My injuries required several surgeries thru a thirty-two month period. I needed an attorney that was going to fight for me. I needed an attorney with qualifications with years of legal experience, especially an attorney who is caring and is dedicated to his clients. That attorney is Brian T. Meyers. He met all my requirements with high marks! Our settlement was a huge success thru his work ethics and his professionalism. God bless you Brian T. Meyers! With your determination, you made my life a lot easier.

Teresa Pisciotta

Auto Accident Victim,

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