Every year, thousands of medical malpractice claims are filed across the United States due to dangerous errors made by doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. Whether you or a loved one is a victim of a surgical error, prescription medication error or a doctor’s failure to diagnose a condition, you are not alone.
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When Injuries Are Caused or Worsened by Medical Professionals
If you suspect your injury or condition was caused or worsened by a medical professional or hospital employee, you may have grounds to pursue a medical malpractice claim. Our experienced attorneys handle a broad range of medical malpractice issues, including:
• Birth injuries
• Misdiagnosis
• Doctor errors
• Prescription errors
• Surgical errors
• Nursing errors
• Hospital malpractice

We consult with a trusted network of professionals and experts to develop compelling cases for our clients. You can rely on us to handle the legal aspects of your injury situation so you can focus your energy on recovering and getting your life back together.

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